What People Say

"Liz is easily one of the best therapist I know. Her skills and perception allow her massages to be varied and tailored not only to your preference but also to what your body needs that day to feel refreshed and balanced. I also appreciate how she is always grounded in the present moment and makes you feel you are the most important person right now. I wholeheartedly recommend her and I will miss her when I leave Gloucestershire.”

GV Cheltenham

"Being 6'4 I often feel the need to have massage treatment on my back and I have experienced many massages in many different locations all over the world. I have had physiotherapist administered ones in London, spiritual ayurvedic ones in India, needle based ones, oily ones, sore ones, sports ones, chanting ones and frankly weird ones culminating in once being walked on by a lady in Singapore (actually, that was quite good). However, the best I have ever felt after a massage was in a yurt in a field in Oxfordshire having randomly chosen from a collection of tents and met Liz for the best massage experience I have had yet. I had never had traditional Thai massage, had no idea what it involved but 60mins later (i'd recommend 90mins if you can) I felt lighter, looser and happier then I had in a long time, it was incredible. Liz has an incredible, flowing technique that feels so natural and finds areas to stretch that nothing else can reach, who knew your hips contained so much tension? As well as this she is a fascinating and amazing person and time flies by in her company. 

I genuinely believe that what Liz does is something special and unique, I return to see her whenever I can despite the London to Cheltenham journey and recommend her to everyone I can think of. Go, see her, be happy and feel amazing.”

HF London

The Indonesian back, neck and shoulder massage you gave me when I first came to you for help left me totally relaxed and able to have a full night’s sleep for the first time in ages. Not only that, but I was also able to enjoy walking our dogs again without the usual aches and pains. I couldn’t quite believe the difference - I felt much better about myself too. I had received a couple of massages from others in the past, but you in particular took your time to understand my needs, explain what was involved in the treatment and actually help me. Confidence is very important when placing yourself in the hands of someone for treatment and, following that initial session, the fact that I return for further massages to unwind when I can - hey, it’s enjoyable! - is a testament to your obvious skills, care and dedication.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

KB Cheltenham

5 years of personal & emotional turmoil had taken its toll - a disjointed body, a mind in turmoil & an inability to let go. Counselling had proved not to be useful or helpful to me & at my dentist daughter's suggestion I booked a massage.

Finding Liz was indeed serendipitous! Her massage technique is both invigorating but soothing & healing. However, more significantly for me, my mind too is gradually becoming unknotted. I cannot explain the calm that Liz engenders . . . I can only describe the whole massage experience as wonderful. Each time I visit I leave behind a few more knots - body & brain are becoming more relaxed - thanks to Liz


My acupuncturist suggested that I would benefit from alternating acupuncture with Thai massage to help relieve upper back pain caused by muscular tension of emotional origin and suggested Liz Phelps as being outstandingly skilled in both Thai and Indonesian massage.

I had seen photos of Thai massage being performed and must admit that, initially, I felt slightly apprehensive because it looked so physically demanding!  However, it turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience – and so different from what it looks like in the photos.  Liz is so attuned to bodily tensions that she can unerringly pitch the pace and depth of her work. I was so taken up with the pleasure of having my stiff and inaccessible muscles worked on that I was not even aware of whether Liz was using her elbows or feet or hands to perform the massage. 

After an hour and a half, during which time every bit of my body was encouraged to realign and relax itself, I felt an extraordinary mixture of deep calmness and physical freedom – as though my mind, emotions and body had been reintegrated in way I hadn’t experienced since childhood.  I found movements that had become tight and uncomfortable were now more fluid and much freer.  This improvement continues every time I have treatment – and even occurs in between treatments, especially if I do the simple exercises that Liz is always so helpful as to suggest. 

Liz understands so well that painful emotional experiences and physical injuries get locked away in the body, only to cause discomfort and pain as one ages.  Her enthusiasm for the body’s / mind’s ability to heal itself through Thai and Indonesian massage is really inspiring.

I cannot recommend Liz too highly – being treated by her (and by my acupuncturist) has really turned my life around. The constant anxiety that had reached panic attack proportions has all gone.  The relentless nagging aches are a thing of the past.  I feel so much happier and really positive about my life.  Indeed, I even feel actual excitement at the prospect of how much better things are likely to get in the future as Liz helps free up my energy channels and realise a potential that I had long since really lost sight of.  Wonderful!

HH Cheltenham

I just wanted to let you know how much your Thai massage skills have done for me. I've always kept myself quite fit by going to the gym and horse riding but when I came to you at the beginning of the year my body was so tight it hurt just to bend down and tie my shoelaces.  After one session with you I felt so much lighter, freer; that tight achey feeling was gone and I finally felt like I could stand up straight again.  I explained to you before that session that i had an old riding injury that affected my shoulder.  I told you this so that you would be careful not to aggravate it.  This injury occurred several years ago and I thought the painful twinges and restricted movement were just something I'd have to live with.  After three sessions though, I find that it's not as painful and my range of movement is improving - I never expected that.   I'm feeling fantastic!  I keep extolling your virtues to all my friends and just wanted to let you know how much better you've helped me feel.  Thank you!

KM Cheltenham

I went to see Liz initially with problems in my lower back, and that my body felt like it was compressed. The treatment is very relaxing and extremely beneficial. My lower back pain has not come back and I can cross my legs.  I left feeling taller, relaxed and as if my body was thanking me for finally listening to it.  I now consider this as part of my health and fitness and can hand my body over to Liz, switch off and know that I’ll walk out a different person!

JH Cheltenham

Liz has a truly special gift. Not only is she an expert in her field, but she intuitively knows what my body needs. My energy levels are always skyhigh after a session with Liz, and my body and soul feel realigned and unblocked. I wouldn't want to be without her!

DB Cheltenham

 "I am 59 and been practicing combative martial arts for over 35 years during which time I have maintained a regular strength and conditioning regime.  These activities take their toll on the body and Liz is my go to person for all round body realignment and balance restoration. She offers a unique massage package due to her years of experience and inborn healing energy. I recommend her to all our mixed martial arts members and would recommend her to anyone looking for a one stop shop when it comes massage that has long term healing benefits”

Tony Terranova Coach and Co-Owner Fighting Fit Martial Arts Cheltenham